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Catalog Management System

Create online catalogs and manage pricelists

With integrated inventory management it is easy to display price and available quantity to promote online orders for industrial products to automate the process, to grow business and reduce errors

Upload Products

Import the list of items you sell using Excel template or simply a add new item. List down all attributes, technical specifications and attach product images or drawings. Keep latest information and track changes

Maintain Price Lists

Maintain pricelist for standard items by quantity and date range that can be displayed with your catalog in the open market. Items without price can be displayed in the catalogs with inquiry option for customized quotes

Offer Hosted Catalogs

Expose items you offer to specific buyers who setup their supplier portal through SourceRFX with customized pricing as per your contract. This enables shopping cart style ordering for customer users

Catalog Management - Product Creation
Supplier store front - eCatalog

Online Store Fronts

Small & Medium manufacturers and other industrial suppliers could easily and affordably bringup their online storefront with ecommerce capability. Based on items you deal with you could opt to publish latest price to enable quick shopping cart style orders or simply provide option for your prospects to place inquiries for specific items with required quantities that your team can quickly get back with price quotes. Custom template and layout options with your brand are possible that are easy to maintain by your team

B2B Product Catalog search by category supplier discovery

Product Search

Let your prospects find the right product when they search from the marketplace searching through products from multiple suppliers by providing appropriate product details and good quality images. Similar catalog filtering would be available when they visit your storefront which displays exclusively your offerings

Take the first step to provide your customers to search through a content rich catalog for a consumer like shopping experience. Get notified of product inquiries and orders to quickly respond and process from your account

Industrial Product Catalogs
 - Need for Content Marketing

In today’s global digital economy, to generate better leads companies dealing with industrial products and services need to invest special attention to maintain proper content for each of their offerings. Unlike B2C world, here the target audience would mostly include engineers, procurement specialists, sourcing agents and category managers. In addition to product descriptions, it is essential to capture details like industries and applications where the item can be used, what materials its made of, along with all relevant specifictions and attributes as well as package details, testimonials.

Despite the existance of various marketplaces and supplier directories, search engines like Google are still the first option for many B2B buyers. In order for your items to comeup in search results of major search engines, it is important to make sure appropriate keywords are included in the description. Good quality product images, reference projects executed should be included from multiple angles, if possible professional videos. With a static website it is not possible to keep the information upto date without the involvement of web development resources.

SourceRFX catalog management capability would put your team to ensure your offerings are presented with best information whenever needed. Since the days of printed product catalogs are long gone, it is essential to share with prospects an upto date online catalog which SourceRFX makes it possible. If your catalog consists a number of items, it is essential to group and catagerize them according to various standards. This helps your items get displayed in the appropriate group when a potential buyer filters by respective group or category. As part of the overall product marketing strategy, once your product catalogs and other site content is upto date, it is also a good idea to run email campaigns which is also possible using SourceRFX platform using inbuilt content management system and dynamic templates.

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