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Group Buying

Higher volume discounts based on consolidated demand from group members.
Negotiated contracts with reputed brands for common items. Get engaged!

Buyer Benefits With
Procurement Contracts

Buying Without Contracts

# Buying small quantities when needed gives no price advantage
# Frequent change of suppliers
# Supplier relationship not as strong
# Inconsistent product quality as the suppliers change 
# Potential compliance issues & risks

Company Level Contracts

# Negotiated lower rates by item, quantity, period, region with reputed suppliers
# Deal with fewer but qualified suppliers and maintain relationship
# Maintain consistent product quality & consistency 

# However, this requires in-house category experts to find and qualify suppliers, get quotations, negotiate, ensure compliance  

Buyer Group Level Contracts

Gets Even Better
# Higher discounts compared to company level contracts due to significantly higher combined volumes across multiple buyers
# Our product category experts have years of experience negotiating and structuring contracts with large suppliers
# Sourcing for common items get covered through the group instead of each buyer member having separate contract with same supplier
# In-house team focus on items not covered at group level 
# Reduces costs and cycle times in sourcing
# Fewer compliance issues & risks

Does Your Company Has Expertise to Negotiate Contracts with Suppliers?

Does Your Company Has Expertise to Negotiate Contracts with Suppliers?

Small & Medium manufacturing industries may not have access to the required market intelligence and category expertise in all the product categories that are relevant to them. Besides, negotiating deals and contracts with large suppliers requires to have special strategy and handling. We engage veteran industry category experts as consultants to bring special value to our members. Our platform and services facilitate the end to end sourcing through contract signing and then converting the contract into pricelists for easy ordering when needed, whether you are interested in company level contracts or group level. Group buying could offer big company like leverage for small players.

Supplier Benefits For Supporting Group Buying

  • Higher chance of winning volume business from member buyers
  • Potential to increase brand visibility, market share and build credibility with key buyers
  • Improves sales forecasting and demand planning
  • Reduce sales & distribution costs and offer discount to member buyers
  • Ability to interact with end customers online to obtain feedback and offer better service
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