Invoice Management (AR)

Shift from spreadsheets, documents and paper based invoices

Creating and managing invoices simply using spreadsheets, documents and emailing could lead to errors and is inefficient with no easy way to trace and analyze historic data

eInvoicing Benefits for Suppliers

  • Reduces costs of printing, storage, delivery and processing of paper invoices
  • Improves record keeping, vibility and reconciliation
  • Prevents errors, losses and fraud
  • Reduces disputes and invoice rejections
  • Helps improve relationship with customers and get paid faster
  • Eliminate or reduce paper based invoices and overheads like scanning and filing
  • Automation helps improve productivity and compliance

SourceRFX eInvoicing
for small & medium suppliers

PO Flip Invoice

Easily create invoice based on a PO received from a SourceRFX buyer defaulting items, quantities and pending amount to invoice based on what is remaining on the PO with provision to make necessary adjustments. Allow adding taxes like GST and shipping

Other Invoices

Create standard invoice, debit/credite notes, advance invoice etc for buyers and POs outside SourceRFX. Use customizable invoice templates. Print or Email professional and consistent invoices to your customer contacts with one click.

History & Reports

Keep track of all invoices issued and their status without scanning through emails and spreadsheets. Run periodic analysis to comeup with new insights & improve

Receive Alerts

Receive automatic alerts on delayed invoices through email and SMS for timely followup and to improve cashflow

Track Payments

Keep track of payments received against invoices through automatic notifications if the buyer is on SourceRFX

Applicable GST could be added at line item level to calculate total GST with each invoice. Tax rates could automatically be defaulted based on HSN/SEC codes and tax rates entered at the item level or manually searched and entered at the time of invoice creation. Keeping track of accurate GST for each invoice issued makes GST filing and compliance easy and reduce paperwork

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