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Machining Marketplace

Connecting precision machine shops and fabrication units with buyers
to facilitate global sourcing and contract manufacturing

Finding qualified job shops to execute your mission critical projects or product launches and working with them is not easy. We understand your need to build parts/assemblies having complex geometries using diverse materials, meeting tight tolerances and delivering ontime. On the other hand, many qualified job shops have significant unutilized capacities and are constantly looking to keep their order queue full.

SourceRFX Manufacturing Marketplace

Ecosystem centered around precision machine shops & fabrication units connecting upstream and downstream players. Members connect, collaborate with buyers & suppliers to improve capacity utilization and to reduce cost of raw material and consumables, while streamlining business operations. Exclusive platform offering long-term overall value to through active member engagement.

Machine Shop Benefits

Customers are looking for capable shops like yours to meet their ondemand needs. Join our exclusive network of pre-screened machine shops to ensure consistent job orders from reliable customers through us. 

# Expand beyond your local market
# Increase capacity utilization
# Streamline process with customers
# Get more orders & grow business 
# Save on your procurement costs
# Improve cashflow

Buyer Benefits

Our platform and services are built to facilitate right from finding suitable job shop to work on your parts or fabrication orders through ordering execution and delivery.

# Production capacity on-demand
# Float RFQs to prescreened shops
# Receive quotes & finalize in days
# Streamline process with suppliers
# Get the job done smart. Save time 
# We enforce NDAs & take measures to ensure confidentiality & IP  

Machining Processes

Some of the order types we cater to
>> CNC Machining, Milling & Turning
>> Sheet Metal Cutting & Stamping >> Custom Fabrications. 3D Printing 
>> Casting, Forging and Molding

Our vetting process involves...
# Infrastructure capacity
# Technical resource capacity
# Quality systems & Certifications
# Company background & financials
# Manufacturing practices
# Purchasing standards

Key Players in the Marketplace

Capacity Providers

Companies with capabilities In…
# Forging         # Casting
# Molding
>> machining operations like
# CNC Machining    # CNC Milling 
# CNC Turning         # Stamping
# Cutting                  # Extrusion
# Forming                 # Grinding
# Coating & Finishing
>> Tool & Die Makers
>> Fabrication Units 
>> Contract Manufacturers
>> CAD/CAM Design Service providers

NOTE: To become a verified member need to provide required information related to the company, infrastructure, project references, testimonials, certifications.

Capacity Consumers

Manufacturers like...
# Industrial & construction equipment
# Agricultural equipment
# Process equipment
# Material handling equipment
# Hand & power tools
# Home products & appliances
Heavy engineering, EPC and turnkey project contractors who need to subcontract works
Ex: Oil & Gas, Petrochem, Ship building, Railways, Power and other infra projects
Tier#1 government/PSU contractors who need to subcontract works
Global buyers looking to outsource manufacturing of products, parts & components (custom manufacturing)

eCommerce Suppliers

Manufacturers and distributors of…
# Metalworking Fluids (lubricants & oils)
# Machine tools
# Spare parts
# Abrasives
# Other consumables
# Safety items
# Raw material suppliers
# Service providers  

Contract manufacturing - Machining ondemand - service provider

Buyer Engagement Options

Direct Shop Order

Find suitable job shops, float inquiries and invite to them submit quotations against your RFQ then shortlist and award the contract.

Issue order directly to the job shop but coordinate and track progress through SourceRFX. Work invoiced and paid directly to the job shop; engage our services as needed.

On-demand Precision Machining

Order Through SourceRFX

We could manage the whole thing for you right from sourcing through execution. We will work with suitable shops to execute and deliver your order ontime at agreed cost & terms.

Issue the order to us and pay for the invoices raised. We will take care of paying invoices raised by the shop and coordinate all aspects for you.

Network Service Providers

We partner with qualified service providers and subject matter experts in various areas, across different geographies to engage on per project assignment basis at prenegotiated rates

Engineering Services onDemand

Engineering Services

We engage qualified design and production engineers to assist buyers from quotation through execution process, as needed. Whether you need assistance with CAD designs or manufacturability of a design, we could engage right expert from our network 

Supplier Quality/Product Quality Verification Services OnDemand

Quality Assurance Services

Enforcing production and quality standards with small shops could be challenging, especially when customer does not have local presence. We engage qualified third-party inspectors from our network to verify product quality and to conduct site inspections

Business Assistance Services OnDemand

Business Assistance Services

Our objective is to offload some of the backoffice processes for the job shops, so they could focus on executing orders. To help with that, we offer various advisory and assistance services through our partners at discounted rates.

On-demand Manufacturing Capacity Use Cases


>> Manufacturer looking for on-demand additional capacity to meet sudden high demand

>> Manufacturer doesn't have the right equipment/resources inhouse

>> Manufacturer simply wants to outsource making some parts or fabrication to focus on core items

On-demand Manufacturing Capacity Use Cases

Job Shops

>> Tier1  job shop subcontracting some of the processes or making specific parts of an assembly to a tier2 job shop to meet the demand of a high value order


>> Find a job shop which could make the prototype of your product cost effectively

SourceRFX Global Sourcing & Procurement Platform

Suppliers to Machine Shops & Fabrication Units

For the manufacturers and distributors of metal working fluids (lubricants, coolants, oils), machine tools, bearings, gears, abrasives, safety items etc and raw material suppliers this provides an excellent opportunity to connect with their target market to introduce and sell their products and services directly

Suppliers can offer their products and services through catalogs either based on tiered pricing or quote-on-demand basis to the members. This gives the benefit of easy reordering for the machine shops from reputed suppliers at prenegotiated rates, giving a consumer like catalog buying experience. This provides eDistribution opportunity to connect offline brick & mortar stores and sales force with online channels with least effort & cost

The network approach combined with an integrated platform for member companies to buy and sell both standard and non-standard items through an end to end process provides a sustainable alternative compared to typical supplier directories, lead generation and eCommerce websites
US Address

2352 Haggerty Dr
Dublin, CA
USA, 94568
(+1) 510-648-6623 

India Address

Plot# 203, Kavuri Hills
Madhapur, Hyderabad
India, 500081
(+91) 96181 36969