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Members Only Marketplace

Supports standard items as well as custom orders in one place with negotiated prices on group volumes. Unique ecosystem for industrial B2B members to collaborate.

Buyer Benefits

>> Search and compare items across multiple suppliers 
>> Order & pay via through single channel
>> Reduce number of suppliers to deal with
>> Offer self-service to employees with built-in approvals
>> Keep track of transaction history and reorder easily
>> Customer support to handle order, quality & payment issues

Buyer Savings

>> Reduce procurement costs through electronic bidding, reverse auctions and group level negotatiated rates
>> Consolidate orders through one channel and save more
>> Upfront cost savings plus cash backs based on volumes
>> Streamline to reduce operational costs

Supplier Concerns with Online eCommerce

Supplier Concerns with Online eCommerce 

B2B eCommerce is the future and many traditional wholesale and retail businesses are seeing decline in their business as the B2B awareness and adoption keeps growing. Based on the type of items dealt, manufacturers as well as distributors need to start adopting B2B platform to sustain the irreversible digital wave.

These platforms could bring phenomenal benefits to both buyers and suppliers with some caveats. For instance, buyers want lowest prices from suppliers, however, suppliers are not comfortable publishing lowest prices. SourceRFX platform provides suppliers with the option to configure pricing based on order quantities, effective date ranges along with customer specific pricing combinations. Suppliers can still choose not to specify price for some items. Platform still allows potential buyers to add such items also to the cart with quantity and request pricing. Supplier could offer discrete pricing on a case by case basis, as desired.

Supplier Benefits of Online Catalogs and eCommerce

  • Expand online visibility. Receive better prospects and more deals 
  • Control price visibility. Prices never displayed to non-members 
  • Configure tiered prices for items by quantity, dates. Offer customer specific pricing
  • Provide pricing on request even for shopping cart orders. Negotiate where needed
  • Get started with the most affordable way to get your storefront & maintain
Factory direct sale to members

Manufacturers Sell Direct

The Members-Only buyers club targets bulk orders from established businesses. It is worth considering for some manufacturers to entertain online orders and eDistributors to help improve marketshare even without having extensive physical distributor and dealer networks. We would love to work with reputed manufacturers in structuring contracts to offer your quality products to our valued buyer members. Our goal is to make it a win-win deal for both buyers and suppliers cutting down unnecessary costs and by making the process efficient

Conneting offline Distributors & Wholesalers through marketplace

Distributors & Wholesalers

SourceRFX platform offers the quickest and most affordable way to establish your online presence through an easy to setup website with catalog and eCommerce capability. Allows you to keep track of your prospects, run campaigns and publish offers. Building separate standalone websites, catalogs and eCommerce platform not only is expensive to build and maintain but most customers would prefer a platform where they can find multiple providers in one place. Plus generating traffic to a standalone eCommerce site is difficult.  Our platform and team could work closely with you to make sure how your business objectives can be met 

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