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eInvoicing for Buyer 

Why use eInvoicing?

Providing self-service invoice capability to suppliers offers following benefits to the buyers, while also giving some advantages to the suppliers. Adding to these, tax laws in many countries gradually mandating electronic invoices and it facilitates compliance eliminating mismatches. 

  1. Reduce invoice processing costs significantly
  2. Improve invoice processing efficieny and lead times
  3. Automatic matching with PO/contracts to eliminate over payments
  4. Promote PO based invoices for better spend visibility and control
  5. Ensure compliance to payment terms and reduce late payment penalties
  6. Eliminate or reduce paper based invoices and overheads like scanning and filing
  7. Eliminate duplicate data entry, errors and fraud
  8. Handle large number of small & infrequent suppliers
  9. Minimize deviations and rejections needing special handling
  10. Offer invoice discounts to reduce costs


Enable your suppliers to access purchase orders issued to them through the supplier portal and quickly raise invoice against the PO which defaults the line items along with pending amount to be invoiced. Invoices attached to emails and sent as reponse to your original PO email could be displayed against the PO for manual invoice creation

Offline Invoices

Invoices received from suppliers outside the system could be manually entered and routed for approvals. Copy of the original invoice could be attached to the invoice created for audit reference. Invoices could be imported based on excel template to enable reporting and reconcilation.

Automatic 3 way Match

Automatic 3 way Match 
Reduce discrepancies and manual steps required to match invoiced quantity and price before approval for payments. Avoid duplicate invoices and incorrect payments.

Receive Alerts

Receive automatic alerts on outstanding invoices to avoid late payment penalties

Track Payments

Keep track of payments made against invoices. Suppliers could get notified of invoice and payment status


Applicable GST could be added at line item level to calculate total GST with each invoice. Tax rates could automatically be defaulted based on HSN/SEC codes and tax rates entered at the item level or manually searched and entered at the time of invoice creation. Keeping track of accurate GST for each invoice issued/received makes GST filing and compliance easy and reduce paperwork

Processing paper based invoices and invoices received through email in different formats is a costly affair. While onboarding suppliers to submit invoices electronically through your supplier portal could solve the problem but in reality the adoption of the same would most likely be slow. Our services could assist you with the supplier onboarding process through followups, trainings and also help create invoices based on manual invoices received for you to process easily. All at a fraction of your current cost, freeing up your valuable resources to work on your business goals

Invoice Processing Services

Outsource where it makes sense...focus where you need to 

Invoice Processing Services

Path to eInvoicing 

Invoice processing approach for gradual transition towards complete eInvoicing, without expensive scanning technologies or systems implementation, that is tailored for SMEs 

Migration path to eInvoicing
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