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Quotation Management System

                             Built for SMEs to help create, manage and send best quotes on-time               

Traditional approach of creating and managing quotations based on Excel templates or Word templates won't scale as the volume of quotations that an organization deals with increases.

Delayed quotes mostly lead to lost business. Timely response to quotation requests are vital for suppliers irrespective of whether they deal with just materials or services. Quotation process for companies dealing with machining processes (job shops), fabrication works and projects which involve a combination of materials, services (both inhouse and externally sourced) are usually not straight forward. Maintaining the list of items, services and their price history helps in preparing new quotations quickly. Quoting systems can quickly default prices based on parameters like quantity, location, customer and date ranges. This ensures the quoting teams depend on reliable data rather than guessing or using rough estimates and to be competitive adding appropriate margin. It gives flexibility to add discounts either at line item level or quote level. 

Quotation level total get automatically calculated based on the line items with provision to add taxes like GST, Sales tax, VAT either at the line item level or at the quote level. Available inventory can be checked while quoting to ensure if expected delivery dates can be met or not.

Online Quotation Management 
System for small & medium suppliers from SourceRFX

Respond to RFQ/RFP

Quickly respond to SourceRFX buyer invitations for RFQs and collaborate to submit winning quotations on time. Communicate with buyer to seek or provide clarifications or share documents

Custom Quotes 

Create custom quotes against inquiries received from buyers outside of SourceRFX. Print or Email professional, consistent and complete quotation documents to your contacts with one click

History & Reports

Keep track the history of all quotations submitted and their status without scanning through emails and documents sent by each sales rep. Run periodic analysis to comeup with new insights & improve

 SourceRFX empowers small & medium sized businesses be efficient, effective and organized with the quotations they prepare and submit

RFQ Quotation management

Dynamic Quotation Templates

SourceRFX Quotation management with integrated dynamic template and content management plus document management capability helps your sales teams to put together quotations better, faster with least effort. Reusable content like company credentials, testimonials, terms & conditions etc previously reviewed and approved can readily be embedded while generating quotation document. Dynamic templates with company branding helps standardize and create professional looking quotations consistently. Documents, images uploaded can be attached as annexures at the time of quotation creation. 

Suppliers responding to buyer RFQs floated through SourceRFX supplier portal can simply flip the RFQ to quote against respective line items. While others can simply create a brand new quotation from scratch entering required data. Once created the quotes get routed through review & approval as per defined workflow

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