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SourceRFX Supplier Network

Discover, connect, communicate and collaborate with potential buyers

SourceRFX Global Sourcing & Procurement Platform

Open Business Network

SourceRFX provides a networking platform exclusively for industrial manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to connect with buyers that is open for all qualified players. 

Supplier directory websites simply offer listing services and sell leads based on your subscription level but donot offer end to end capabilities. There is no scope to connect and build longterm relationship with customers and prospects.

With SourceRFX network, suppliers get the opportunity to connect and tune into customers/prospects in the network and get notified/invited or receive orders directly from them. 

Industrial Suppliers: Invest Marketing Resources Where It Matters
Being part of online networks for the industries that you focus could provide the easier and targetted way to reach and connect with prospects when compared to traditonal advertising or some of the other digitial marketing options.

Supplier flow in B2B Marketplace

Better Way To Grow Business 

>> Expand your visibilty where it matters
>> Build & maintain your online storefront with profile & catalogs
>> Connect with verified buyers
>> Receive reliable business leads
>> Become approved vendor for reputed buyers
>> Get invited for invite-only bids
>> Target high value and bulk orders
>> Run email campaigns and track effectiveness
>> Manage leads, opportunities and sales activities
>> Respond to inquiries & submit bids online
>> Submit professional quotes/proposals using templates
>> Exchange documents, messages with buyers
>> Keep history of your quotes, orders, invoices
>> Issue invoices against purchase orders
>> Track invoices and receive payment notifications
>> Maintain long term relationship with buyers
>> Best suited for small and medium suppliers

NOTE: Basic registration is free and extended supplier capabilities are offered at a fraction of your current marketing costs. Each registered member profile goes through a verification process before activation to ensure quality and completeness of data. 

Manufacturers sell direct to members

Manufacturers: Sell Direct

SourceRFX provides an opportunity to sell direct to industrial buyers. Our objective is to help optimize and reduce procurement costs for our member buyers on bulk orders for direct, indirect materials and MRO items. One way we make this possible is by consolidating demand for common items across multiple buyers and establish contracts with a few reputed manufacturers to offer their products at negotiated rates.

By cutting down as much overheads, we intend to make it a win-win for the buyers and manufacturers who are interested to sell direct through us. Our platform and services facilitate the payment process and delivery (through our partners), as per agreement terms.

Our platform supports standard items (ready-to-order) items through shopping cart style eCommerce and custom made items (made-to-order) through RFQ process.

Own eCommerce Site vs Selling Through Marketplace

eCommerce Shopping Industrial Marketplace

- High initial investment to setup the platform
- Cost to maintain and make enhancements
- Supplier need to invest a lot on marketing separately
- Difficult to attract customers with high cost of acquisition
- Customer does not have the option to compare other vendors
- Customer cannot buy other product categories
- Logistics and payment need to be arranged separately
- Customer service need to be handled separately

+ Carry’s exclusively one supplier products
+ No commission or subscription to 3rd party platform
+ Customer pays directly
+ Better for regular customers 

+ Ready to use platform with low initial setup and cost
+ Maintenance and updates done seamlessly
+ Marketplace does most of the marketing
+ Access to network members with catalog buying provision
+ Customer would be able to compare across vendors
+ Customer flexibility to buy various products from single place
+ Logistics and payment facilitated by the marketplace
+ Customer support to address orders, payments, deliveries
+ Provides access to orders, invoices, reports to suppliers & buyers

- Could carry competitor products also
- Nominal commission per transaction and annual subscription
- Payments transferred in 7 days after customer acceptance

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Supplier Network – Buyer Benefits

Supplier Networks make it a win-win situation for both supplier and buyers by automating and streamlining many processes and tasks while improving collaboration and relationships.

Supplier Information Management
Making use of Supplier Networks simplifies supplier identification and supplier information management easier for the buyers eliminating cumbersome data entry when dealing with new suppliers.

Reduce Purchase Lead Times
Engaging suppliers listed and prequalified from supplier networks enables them directly float inquires, receive quotations and placing orders faster when dealing with time sensitive purchase requirements.

Simplifies Catalog Management
Keeping track of constantly changing supplier catalogs manually if a difficult task for the buyers. Through Supplier Networks allow to keep the catalogs along with pricing information upto date. This allows purchase teams to quickly browse through catalogs and place orders or inquiries and receive price quotes/order confirmations from the supplier.

Automates Invoicing
Receiving hundreds of invoices from suppliers in various file types and formats is a monumental task for Accounts Payables team to manually re-enter and reconcile. Supplier Networks empower suppliers to digitally submit invoices eliminating the scanning, data entry which is otherwise required plus it eliminates costly data entry errors.

Reduce Supplier Inquiries
In the absence of supplier portals that make use of supplier network, purchase and accounts payables team end up spending a lot of time and effort to answer supplier inquiries on order, invoice and payment status. Enabling supplier portals would significantly reduce day to day supplier inquiries and help maintain better service.

Improve Supplier Relationships
Supplier Networks enable collaboration and communication beteen the buyer and supplier digitizing all interactions moving from phone and email. Helps improve visibility into supplier operations through supplier portal built over supplier networks.

US Address

2352 Haggerty Dr
Dublin, CA
USA, 94568
(+1) 510-648-6623 

India Address

Plot# 203, Kavuri Hills
Madhapur, Hyderabad
India, 500081
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