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Self-Service Supplier Portals

 Transforming interactions with possible for SMEs too.

Benefits of self-service supplier portals

Self-Service Benefits

Onboarding atleast some of your suppliers to interact with you through a self-service portal would expedite and simplify both for you as a buyer and for your suppliers as well. This transition could be made gradually to better handle any resistance internally or from suppliers by hand picking suitable suppliers based on their transaction volume, value and frequency as well as their readiness to adapt. Below is a summary of the key features we offer through our platform and the support services to help facilitate the transition  

Supplier Enrollment

# Publish categories/items you intend enroll new suppliers
# Specify qualification & approval process
# Receive applications from suppliers
# Process and approve applications 
# Invite approved suppliers for future requirements & sign contracts 

RFX Collaboration

Enable your suppliers to better collaborate with you in the bidding process by allowing to...
# Submit bids to RFQ/RFP inquiries
# Exchange documents with you
# Seek or provide clarifications
# Keep track of bids submitted
# View orders received 

AP Automation

Enable your suppliers to submit invoices directly against your orders reducing your team the pain of error prone chores like retyping, scanning invoices. Suppliers would be able to view the status of their invoices & receive payment updates as your team records against their invoice

Subcontractor order status updates and ASN

Order Status Updates

Not having accurate and timely updates on critical made-to-order deliveries from your suppliers could jeopardize mission critical customer orders. That could lead to delays, penalties and impact customer satisfaction with potential loss of key accounts.

To help mitigate such risks, you could make such suppliers report order progress periodically through the supplier portal against orders issued to them. System automatically sends alerts to the supplier contact when the next update is due so both sides stay informed and react ontime to take corrective actions to avoid last minute surprises. Helps you measure supplier responsiveness for future.

Supplier portal branded for your company in the cloud as entry point for your suppliers.
Talk to us about a hosted solution under your own domain. Supplier Portal customers could choose to onboard their suppliers for free

Supplier Portal Benefits

Advance Shipment Notice (ASN)
Through SourceRFX Supplier Portal, suppliers would be able to view the orders issued to them and do order acknowledgements to confirm the receipt of the order. Suppliers would also be able to create Advance Shipment Notices for the items getting shipped along with details of the purchase order, shipment, carrier details and specific items, quantities. This would help the warehouse team at the buyer receiving location make necessary arrangements, while notifying purchase and project teams for their information. Documents like carrier receipts, bill of lading and images can be submitted along with the ASN for buyer reference to help track the shipment and receive.

Supplier Reference Documents
Make supplier reference documents like compliance requirements, standard terms & conditions, credit applications, guidelines etc can be made available to the suppliers through SourceRFX buyer user sharing documents either to all suppliers or with specific suppliers.

Branded Supplier Portal
SourceRFX Supplier Portal can be branded to meet your company branding standards. Suppliers can be enbled to login with their registered mobile number without registering to reduce the onboarding resistance from suppliers.

Improve Supply Chain Visibility
Supplier Portals have the potential to improve supply chain visibility and supplier relationship through a self-service approach improving communication and reducing lead times. At SourceRFX our goal is to make this affordable to even the mid-market companies. Other advantage of self-service supplier portal is that it allows to keep supplier information up to date minimal administrative workload. Supplier quality rating and related questionnaire, reports and information can be exchaned with suppliers as appropriate.

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